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A new ring for Cohiba’s Habanos, which was initially developed for Behike in 2010 and Pirámides Extra, will be gradually applied to all Línea Clásica and 1492 vitolas.


The new ring features an authentication hologram design, as well as other security measures, thus supporting the tracking process of habanos from this brand.


The design of the Indian’s head, a typical element of Cohiba brand, was modified on this ring, which has established a new technological trend on Cohiba’s rings and the cigar industry worldwide.


Habanos S.A. has pointed out that both the old and new rings are going to share shelves in sale outlets for some months.


Cohiba is the Habano flagship and the most acclaimed brand in the realm of cigars. It was created in 1966, though there was a time when it was only meant to be doled out as a gift to national governmental figures and world statesmen, as well as to former President Fidel Castro. Since the very beginning, it has been produced at the prestigious El Laguito cigar factory in Havana, Cuba.


Cohiba features four different lines: Línea Clásica, with 6 vitolas, developed between 1966 and 1989. Línea 1492 was launched in 1992 to commemorate the Fifth Centennial of Christopher Columbus’ landing on the Island. Línea Maduro 5 was put out in 2007 with 3 new vitolas. Cohiba Behike, the brand’s most exclusive line, was introduced in 2010.


In coming weeks, the vitolas of both Línea Clásica and Línea 1492 will be progressively distributed in different sale outlets around the world. Both rings will coexist for a few months.


For further local information, please contact Habanos’ Exclusive Distributor in your area.


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