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The Partagas Royal Cigar Factory, nestled in the heart of Havana, welcomed Tuesday night guests and delegates attending the Habano Festival to bring them closer to the charms of one of the most recognized habano brands worldwide.

Since this is the 17th edition of the Festival, a striking 17x17x17combination was stitched together. In it, the factory exhibited 17 artworks and 17 humidors created by Cuban artists, just another token of the everlasting wedlock between tobacco and art.

During the exhibit, guests had the chance of tasting products manufactured by D’Italia, a company that’s getting its big break into the Cuban market, such as Parmigiano-Reggiano Millesimato cheese, as well as Lambrusco, Pinot Noir and Sangiovese di Romagna wines.

Attendees were entertained by some top Cuban music performers, like singer Luna Manzanares and pianist Alejandro Falcón. 

The event served as the perfect pretext to summon friends and customers to attend the 27th Partagas Friends Meeting, slated for the month of November. 

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