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Habanos S.A. has gone a long way in branching out its trademark, yet being faithful to the attributes and values of the habano brands and setting up alliances with top-of-the-line companies in Cuba and around the globe. Among that list of products, the Minis Siboney in collaboration with Austria Tabak, Cigarros Cohiba with BRASCUBA S.A., Edmundo Rum with Cubaron S.A. and lots of accessories and garments can be mentioned.

This time around, the alliance was forged with Havana Club International, giving birth to the Havana Club Cohiba Atmosphere, a mighty rum boasting 40 degrees of alcoholic content. According to master rum maker Asbel Morales, who keynoted the presentation, the complexity of all-out and natural aging offsets the rum’s intensity and sweetened taste. It features a dark amber look that speaks volumes of its long stay in the casks. Once sipped, this rum brings woody notes sprinkled with vanilla, chocolate and caramel, quite an invitation to have a few shots alongside its best ally: the Cohiba habano.


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