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Since Alonso Menendez, a well-heeled impresario who traveled to Cuba back in the 1930s, founded Montecristo, the brand has expanded and branched out to the utmost levels of excellence and fame. The launch of new vitolas in the course of the past 80 years has clinched tremendous success for most of the new products.

Roberto Delgado Perez made reference to a couple of milestones within the brand, like the Edmundo family that came into being in 2004; the Montecristo Robusto in Commemorative Jars for the Millennial Reserve, rolled out in the 1999 Habano Festival; and the Montecristo Open, a line designed for youngsters that wound up getting bigger acclaim among the most seasoned smokers.

The brand’s strength, momentum and international acclaim have turned Montecristo into a larger-than-life entity whose portfolio barely had five vitolas at the onset and now boasts over a hundred of them. As much as 15 percent of all units sold by Habanos S.A. in 2014 belonged to that legendary brand.

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