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Portuguese cities Lisbon and Porto celebrate in April the 151st Anniversary of Havaneza House, the perfect moment to launch CHIADO 1864 Regional Edition, under Juan López Habanos brand. Restaurants Grill D. Fernando at Altis Grand Hotel and Quarentae4, nestled in those two cities respectively, hosted the development.


The lovers of Premium Cigars enjoyed the much-anticipated exquisiteness, introduced in a luxurious varnished case with 10 Habanos, Petit Robustos format, ring gauge 50 x 102 mm long, with mild-to-strong taste, coming from Vuelta Abajo, cradle of the best tobacco on Earth.


The dinners were organized by Empor S.A. (Exclusive Distributor of Habanos in Portugal) and they were attended by the Cuban Ambassador to Portugal, Mrs. Johanna Tablada de la Torre, and other figures. The evening became an excellent scenario for pairings between high-end Habanos and such drinks as rums, mojitos, gins and wines, where a unique blend of aromas and tastes was enjoyed by over 100 customer and lovers of Habano gathered there.


The attendees had the opportunity to taste several Habanos and drinks of different brands: Regional Specialty Juan López’s Chiado 1864 was accompanied by Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande Branco 2013 & Rosé 2014, Vinha Grande Tinto 2012 and Porto Ferreira Duque de Bragança, as well as Tawny 20 Years.


There were plenty of surprises throughout the evening, but undoubtedly the presence of Mr. Pedro Rocha, Director General of Empor, was outstanding as he gave Cuba’s Ambassador to Portugal the first edition in Portuguese language of book entitled “The Habano World”. Meanwhile, the commemorative stein of Havaneza House was delivered to Mr. Mario Duarte, one of the former Directors of Empor S.A.


Havana Club Union Rum was one of the products that were put on the map during the evening. The Director of Empor S.A. and the representative of Pernod Ricard Company were in charge of the presentation.


The evening came to an end in a grand way with Habanos S.A.’s new Añejados line offering attendees the opportunity to taste Pirámides aged for over 5 years with Romeo y Julieta brand, paired with The Glenrothes Vintage 2001, Porto Ferreira Duque de Bragança, Tawny 20 Years and Havana Club Master’s Selection.


These two Habanos, as special editions produced in limited quantities with specific launchings, have been available for Habano lovers in the Portuguese market since that night.


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