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There is a very brief instant when the sublime and the eternal come together in that gorgeous space where the most desired pleasure floods the senses and takes control of everything as a result of the most genuine pairing. That’s the case of brand-new Habano Epicure de Luxe, Hoyo de Monterrey, a Premium Cigar that exquisitely pairs with select wine Morgon Jean-Ernst Descombes, an authentic delight from Georges Duboeuf Cellar.

This elegant cigar can be acquired at La Casa del Habano, a franchise with over 140 specialized stores on the five continents, and its mild-taste blend makes it stand as an attractive choice for people interested in a delicate and aromatic Habano, with great elegance and complexity.

That’s the reason why the pairing is so great with Morgon Domaine Jean Ernst Descombes, as it is a first-class wine characterized by a perfect balance, with black redcurrants, plums, violets and roses. Quite elegant, soft taste, it features several layers of fresh red fruits, especially cherries, with signs of silky and prolonged finish.

Epicure de Luxe, under Hoyo de Monterrey brand, complements a well-deserved magnificence, a sign of opulence and glamour in the hands of historic celebrities and acclaimed figures of art, literature or the movies, with a distinctive touch of elegance that has captivated women and men over the centuries.

Mágicos (ring gauge 52 x 115mm long) was the chosen Factory Vitola, as it is acclaimed by expert smokers, who will have the opportunity to taste it in Hoyo de Monterrey, with its particular aroma and taste.

This special production includes 10 Epicure de Luxe, in Slide Lid Box (SLB). Each one of these Habanos has been "rolled by hand with long filler" by experienced cigar rollers in Cuban factories.

That’s why all romantics looking for the most elegant Cuban cigars will be pleased with this new vitola, available at La Casa del Habano so as to keep on captivating the complicity of a deluxe hallmark.

Brand: Hoyo de Monterrey

Store Vitola: Epicure de Luxe

Factory Vitola: Mágicos

Sizes: Ring Gauge 52 (21.43mm) x 115 mm long.

Presentation: 10-unit Slide Lid Box (SLB)



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