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The 500th Anniversary of Santiago de Cuba was celebrated in a grand way and Habanos S.A jumped on the celebratory bandwagon with the launch of a genuine exquisiteness for this special occasion.

Partagás Series P No. 2. was the cigar of choice, a product manufactured by the Celia Sanchez cigar factory, an exportation-oriented facility based in the Heroic City. This Habano was handpicked due to its ring gauge, long size and strength.  

The centennial brand is renowned because of the strength of its cigars, as well as the work with exclusive leaves from Pinar del Rio. The mastery of cigar makers gave birth to this special Habano for the occasion.

Partagás Series P No. 2. was paired with 500 Aniversario de la Ciudad de Santiago de Cuba rum, the result of a long aging process in the patrimonial barrels at the Santiago de Cuba rum factory. According to master rum maker Julio Enrique Ayan Rial, this rum is the outcome of eight generations of master rum makers that have stood up for Santiago de Cuba’s rum-making culture.

It’s an international practice that blends traditional products of excellence. The secret is that no taste is to prevail in order to strike the right balance balance, so when the rum is drunk or the cigar is smoked, both tastes can be identified and enjoyed.

The launch of Partagás Series P No. 2. and the pairing session took place at the Meliá Santiago Hotel with executives from both companies in attendance.  

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