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Nearly 120 tasters gathered at Hotel Nacional de Cuba for the 16th Wine Fiesta and they witnessed an unusual alliance. The king of after-dinner talk, Habano,  went after the grapevines this time around.



The show was starred by Doble Corona of Punch, a brand that celebrates its 175th anniversary, ring gauge 49 X 194 mm long. Undoubtedly, this is a Habano with over an hour of smoking time.


Punch’s characteristic taste, with mild strength and blend made up of filler and wrapper leaves from Vuelta Abajo, once again spoke highly of the personality and elegance of this brand, one of the oldest in Cuba.



The pairing was carried out with four wines in a blind tasting session, so there was no information on their grapes, brands or growing year: Col di Sasso 20, from Tuscany, Sangiovese with Merlot, a young red wine, impetuous, with high acidity; Rioja from Bodegas Marqués de Griñón, Tempranillo, with notes of wood, fruit and some spice; Chianti Rufina 2013, with a delicious balance between wood and fruit; and Cote du Rhone de Perrin 2010, France, a seductive wine with refined tannins.



The first third of the Habano expressed the prevalence of vegetable, spicy and woody notes. The blend’s character stood out in the second third, elegant, mild body, with toasted notes and white pepper, which brought it closer to wines Col di Sasso 20 and Chianti Rufina 2013. In its finest expression, it showed an intense taste, with long post-taste bitter notes, white pepper and spices, which increased its harmony with Rioja from Bodegas Marqués de Griñón and Cote du Rhone de Perrin 2010. Armed with olden and distinguished character, Don Manuel López de Juan Valle & Co. founded the Punch brand in the mid-19th century, targeting the growing British market. Its name is related to a popular humorous publication at the time.


In 1931, it was moved to the factory where Hoyo de Monterrey was produced, a long-standing association that has come to our days. Nowadays, both brands are manufactured at La Corona factory. Punch is available in a range of vitolas that are Completely Rolled by Hand with Long Filler.


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