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Some 300 Habano aficionados came together to celebrate the fifth Habanos Day at the German city of Kassel. Smokers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Sweden, had the opportunity to enjoy and share opinions on their common passion: Habanos.

In four rounds of workshops held in the afternoon, the attendees tackled several aspects related to the exquisite realm of the best cigar of the world. Jürgen Deibel, an expert on alcoholic drinks, give tips on the perfect pairing between Habanos and spirits.

On the other hand, Christian Balke, the Havana Club Ambassador, invited everybody to sip the brand’s new offers. In a tasting session, the humidor manufacturer Marc André talked about the effects brought about by different storage conditions. Meanwhile, Dirk Prautzsch was seducing the public by using vitolas to illustrate the tobacco-growing history of the pre-revolution Cuba.

Wolfgang Rassmann and Andreas Blass, from Latin America Tours tour operator, delivered some "secret" on today’s Cuba. Jürgen Betz, founder of BORGWARD Zeitmanufaktur watch factory, guided the attendees in a tour through the interior of a mechanic watch. As for the school of senses, prestigious chef Juan Danilo discoursed about "tobacco in gastronomy” and gave the opportunity to prepare oil and tobacco salt for meat. The enthusiasts could finally roll some cigars by following Cigar Maker Miltania Perez Borges’s instructions, who was supported by her translator Luis Mustelier Perez.

It was all about enjoyment for people attending the event, since they tasted spirits and Habanos, dismantled and assembled a watch, and rolled their first cigar. "A great environment", "a relaxed evening" and "excellent presentations".

According to Christoph Puszkar, Marketing Director of 5TH Avenue Trading organizing company, the Habanos Day is one of the most important events to share opinion with customers and companies.

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