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 During a master lecture, experts of the Cuban cigar industry explained the composition of a habano

 Habanos are the most famous cigars on the face of earth. Reasons? There are several. Their exclusive making process is one of them. The attendees to the 19th Habano Festival were given a master lecture by some experts from the cigar industry, so they could understand such unrivaled making process.

 “The characteristics of a habano are pretty well defined, each type of leaf serves a specific function, and the combination of all of them refers to the composition and presence of the cigar,” Luis Felipe Milanes, quality manager at Tabacuba, detailed.

 The specialist explained that the correct selection and layout of the fillers (volado, seco and ligero) is very important, since they must not be twisted or spliced.

 Likewise, the wrapper, obtained in shade-grown tobacco plantations, must be characterized by its good texture. The fact is that this leaf gives the first impression of a habano. The color, texture and aroma depend on it.

 Once cigars have been rolled by hand at Cuban cigar factories, they go through a strict inspection carried out by quality technicians, who check the fulfillment of all requirements. That’s why habanos show all the quality they stand for.

 During the lecture, the guests’ expertise was tested. Different cigars were handed to the attendees, with different quality levels, so they could talk about deficiencies and positive aspects. It was an enriching experience for premium cigar aficionados.


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