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 The Festival’s Most Expensive Hat 

That was a memorable night back on February 2001. During the 3rd Habano Festival, many people bid on the hat of Cuban musician Francisco Repilado, the celebrated Compay Segundo, who was attending the closing dinner. The hat went under the gavel for $17,500, an amount good enough to buy 50,000 vaccines for Cuban children. The late Cuban leader Fidel Castro was also in attendance and autographed the precious hat, which also carried Compay’s signature. 

The Most Coveted Habano Size in History 

With over 1,000 million units sold since its launch back in 1935, Montecristo No. 4 basked in the limelight of the 9th Habano Festival’s gala dinner. 

 The Great Auctioneer at the Habano Gala Dinners 

Simon Chase from the UK, winner of the 1998 Habano Man of the Year Award in Communication, has been the great auctioneer during the festivals. From just selling homemade jam under the gavel in his community, he turned out to be the event’s first auctioneer. 

The Most Passionate Romeo y Julieta Smoker 

British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was no doubt one of the top smokers of this brand. Since his Havana visit in 1946, his name has been used in some bands and even in a vitola: Churchills de Romeo y Julieta. In the course of the 6th Festival, an honor dinner was offered to his granddaughter, Jenny Reppard, to mark the British politician’s 130th birthday. 

 Cohiba’s First Figurado 

Pirámides Extra was the first figurado (torpedo) ever to join the brand’s Línea Clásica on a permanent basis and the first ever for this brand. It clung to the Cohiba Classic Line’s blend featuring a mild-to-strong taste. It was launched during the 14th Habano Festival. 

The Longest Ash Ever 

It was by far one of the most anticipated moments of the 16th Festival. It was an original skill test taken by some 450 people who let their Habano ash stay attached to their cigars for the longest time during a tasting session. 

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