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 The International Seminar, hosted by the 20th Habano Festival, offered on Wednesday the master class entitled “History of the Cuban Tobacco’s Genetic Improvement”, by Master in Sciences Eumelio Espino Marrero.

"The tobacco seed was brought to Cuba by the ancestors of Tainos. The medley of seeds and their hybridization gave birth to black tobacco, an authentically Cuban variety," Espino Marrero, author of emblematic book "Habano: From Seed to Cigar", explained.

This lecturer talked about the evolution of the "black veguero" variety and the strengthening of plantations against the main plagues that attack them.

Moreover, he tackled the importance of preserving the product’s organoleptic characteristics and described the varieties growing in Cuba, as well as several plagues that affect them and the way Cuban scientists and experts work to keep the quality of the tobacco that is turned into emblematic Habanos.

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