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 A Habano lover never ever scants or skimps on the time to puff on a good cigar. It’s a process that kicks off with the touch and then, nearly unconsciously, wafts up to the nose… The Habano is lit up and its slow, even burning trumpets the coming of a unique moment.

The magic process seems to roll on in a time lapse in which the clock hands stand still and only sensations appear to matter. But time does pass by and as each third of the Habano burns down to ashes. And Zenith does know what that means.

In 2016, Zenith paid tribute to the Cohiba brand in its 50th anniversary with a watch that fits perfectly in this Habano collection, thanks to the creation of three commemorative limited editions. The first Legend of Cohiba describes the excellence, accuracy and mastery that bind Zenith and Cohiba together.

The joint effort conducted by these two realms of exclusiveness and tradition –Habanos and mechanical timepieces- yields two new launches in 2018: The Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Cohiba Maduro 5 Edition and the Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Cohiba Maduro 5 Edition, featuring a limited rollout of 50 timepieces plated in 18-karat pink gold, while the automatic version –the Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Cohiba Maduro 5 Edition- comes out with 150 brass-plated watches.

The number five stamped on both products indicate the number of years the wrapper leaves must be aged before Habanos for the Maduros line acquire the taste and taste they are marked by. Once again, sheer chance pairs Habanos and watches on the edge of a timeframe.

Both editions are numbered and the bracelets are made of brown nubuck (soft sueded leather) protected by a rubber cover, special seams and a titanium buckle –in the case of the Pilot Type 20 Chronograph Cohiba Maduro 5 Edition. The Special Edition Cohiba Maduro 5, for its part, boasts a strap made of brown crocodile skin with a protective rubber sheath and an 18-karat pink gold buckle. Like Habanos, these details make them top-of-the-line cult products, the best of their kind.

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