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 Totally handmade, Habanos are the only cigars born from a craft process over the past 200 years. The making of the best cigar on earth engulfs the magic of creativeness, details and love for the tradition of an authentically Cuban product.

On Thursday, attendees to the 20th Habano Festival had the opportunity to visit La Corona and Partagás factories, on a tour through the essence of the exquisite Cuban cigar and the thorough making process all the way to the end. Visitors tasted a Partagás Series D No.4.

In the tobacco industry, the making process begins with the reception and preparation of tobacco leaves, which entails careful treatment to wrappers. These delicate leaves are prepared for their final purpose by going through the moistening phase with a fine water spraying, so they recover their silky and uniform look, as well as their resiliency before finishing the rolling, banding and packing process. This art emanates from the expertise of master cigar makers, the artisans behind the finish of a product that stands out as the ambassador of Cuba’s culture and traditions.

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