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 Crowning a Moment

The pleasure of enjoying a Habano is a sense-testing experience. If that delight is combined with a pairing capable of highlighting scents and tastes, and even surprising the most demanding patrons, you can say that this is a true deluxe opportunity. Every year, the Habano Festival proposes Habanos Moments as part of its most exclusive events, which in the 20th anniversary paired the best premium cigars of the world with a series of iconic drinks and gastronomic products. These daring combinations undoubtedly confirmed that tasting is art.

Havana Club: Tributo 2018

In a bid to conquer the most select preferences, Havana Club bet on the combination of two excellent products. The pairing between Partagás Corona Gorda and its special Tributo 2018 —the first Cuban rum characterized by a distinctive smoked note—, captivated attendees with a unique blend of unrepeatable tastes and aromas.

Bodegas Torres: Sensorial Delight

A pairing to sharpen senses was suggested by Bodegas Torres in the twentieth Habano Festival. Spicy and powerful notes established harmony between Habanos Torres –based on Brandy Torres 15 and floralis- and Torres Spiced together with Hoyo Monterrey’s Epicure Especial, which became a mixture of soft and strong aromas and tastes.

Wines & Habanos: Pisán’s Challenge

One of the boldest pairings experienced during the Habanos Moments was put on the table by Spanish Pisán Company. The session included pairings between an Edmundo de Montecristo and three products: Casa Ravella white wine, Mecenas red wine and Bloralix, with some power and intensity.

Cuba Ron: Three in One

Cuba Ron played the leading role in one of the special moments. Its proposal matched Extra Viejo and Extra Añejo 1870 rums, by Cubay brand, with Montecristo Doble Edmundo. This blend undoubtedly tries to rescue captivating accents that can be recalled for a long time.

Habanos & La Estancia: The Taste of Cuba

It was the first time La Estancia was paired with the most famous premium cigars of the world. This new mixture with H. Upmann Magnum 46 surprised and amazed people, thus showing that there are no bounds when creativeness and good taste shake hands.

The Pleasure of the Exclusive

Cimex Corporation shared a moment with Habanos in an unprecedented pairing of several products, with special emphasis on Cubita coffee, Varadero 15 rum and a small selection of dried fruits. They were combined with Montecristo brand and its Doble Edmundo vitola.

Chianti: An Unrepeatable Blend

The most famous Italian winery captivated everybody with the matching of Colección de Unión de Santos del Consorcio Chianti, 2010 and 2013 wines, and H. Upmann Magnum 50. An unrepeatable formula with prevailing soft and sweet notes.

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