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To better know the region of Vuelta Abajo –penciled in as the land where the world’s best tobacco grows- two alternatives must be considered at the very least: the approach to documental references that broach the immense tradition of premium cigars in that locality and the experience of taking a closer, firsthand look at the way tobacco planters do their job.

Through a grand tour around the tobacco plantations of the San Juan y Martinez municipality, in the Pinar del Rio province, guests attending the 20th Habano Festival not only had the opportunity to share valuable time with some of the region’s finest produces, but also see the work conducted inside the local curing barns.

By the hand of guides specialized in tobacco planting, the itinerary included visits to picking and stripping workshops, two places that gave participants the chance to better figure out the different stages the Habano-making process must go through.

As part of the tour –this is no doubt one of the most luring to-dos within the Festival’s program- guests also saw the El Rio Cabaret and a sample of artworks related to Cuba’s tobacco culture made by five painters from the province of Pinar del Rio.

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