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For many years, the Trinidad brand was only used as a gift from the State of Cuba for high-ranking foreign dignitaries. Only since 1998, it became available to smokers from all over the world, but in limited quantities, and since then it has continued to captivate demanding enthusiasts of the Habano realm.

Founded in 1969, Trinidad shows off that 50 years under its “band” is far from being a moment of nostalgia, but rather a time for resurgence and a chance to celebrate the addition of two new vitolas: Esmeralda (ring gauge 53 x 145 mm long), Media Luna (ring gauge 50 x 115 mm long) and Topes (ring gauge 56 x 125 mm long).

The first two are newcomers in the regular portfolio of Habanos; while the latter was presented as part of the 2016 Limited Edition with good acclaim and with the addition of ring gauge 56 for the first time in the brand’s portfolio.

With Trinidad’s medium strength and great aroma, these vitolas are distinguished for having been totally made by hand with long filler, following a careful selection of wrapper, filler and binder leaves from the best tobacco plantations of ​​Vuelta Abajo* of the Pinar del Río* region in Cuba*.

The name of the brand is a tribute to the town of Santa Trinidad (Holy Trinity), whose origin dates back to the 16th century on the island nation’s south coast, which was declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

Although still in its early going as compared to other Habano brands, Trinidad expanded its vitola stock back in 2003 with the release of Reyes, Coloniales and Robusto Extra. A much modern image was also introduced, coinciding with the extraordinary quality of its Habanos. And in 2014, the new Vigia vitola (ring gauge 54 x 110 mm long), jumped on the bandwagon.

Presented now in the classic Semi Boite Nature (SBN) varnished box, each with 12 units, Esmeralda Trinity, Media Luna and Topes step onto the limelight of the 21st Habano Festival to give a sophisticated option to those who like thick ring-gauge and short-burning cigars to puff on. Let’s light up one of these Habanos and to celebrate the vitality of its first half a century of existence.

* DOP (Protected Appellation of Origin)

Trinidad Esmeralda: This vitola is added to the regular portfolio of the brand with the suggestive name of "Esmeralda", representing one of the best known streets of the city of Trinidad.

BRAND: Trinity



SIZES: ring gauge 53 (21.03) x 145 mm long


Media Luna Trinidad (ring gauge 50 x 115 mm long): It is a vitola with excellent sizes for those fans who like thick ring-gauge Habanos with a short burning period. Media Luna is named after a hostel of great architectural values located in the like-name street of Trinidad.

BRAND: Trinity



SIZES: ring gauge 50 (19.84) x 115 mm long


Trinidad Topes (ring gauge 56 x 125 mm long): It was launched as a Limited Edition back in 2016 and got tremendous acclaim for its new size and medium flavor. The vitola broke into the ring gauge 56 within the brand’s portfolio.

BRAND: Trinidad



SIZES: ring gauge 56 (22.23) x 125 mm long


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