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Phoenicia T.A.A Cyprus, exclusive distributor of Habanos S.A. for over 56 countries in the Middle East, Africa and Europe, promoted the preliminaries of the Habanos World Challenge at three key countries at their market from December 2nd to 5th, 2019.

The Habanos World Challenge is a relative new competition that evaluates the knowledge about the world of the Habanos. The competition consists in a knowledge test, a demonstration of cutting and lightening, a Habano blind test and a presentation of a Habanos Moment, where a simulation of a Habano moment and a pairing of the Habano with drinks and food are conducted.

As the traditional Habanosommelier is focused on professionals, the new competition is focused on the Habano enthusiasts, something that makes it more inclusive. Another difference between them is that in the Habanos World Challenge, teams are made up of two persons. It also turns the HWC in a great opportunity to develop the market since people start studying more about the Habanos and trying different brands and sizes.

The competition generates a lot of content over the social media as well since virtually all Habano smoker are able to compete and they get involved somehow with the processes.

With a team from Cyprus winning the first edition of the competition last year and always bringing a lot of teams to the finals in Havana, Phoenicia T.A.A Cyprus seems to have clearly understood the opportunity to turn the promotion of the HWC into a Habano sales increase.

“The Habanos World Challenge is an annual opportunity for Habano enthusiasts to gather, interact, learn and enjoy the Habanos culture” says Walid Saleh, C.E.O. of the company.

Another highlight of those three preliminaries phases was to realize how the Habanos are becoming more popular among women. Two teams composed by a man and woman competed in Cyprus among seven teams, as well as two among five in Lebanon and one in Dubai among seven, with the winning teams in Cyprus and Dubai being composed by them.

The three countries representatives will join Brazil, that did its preliminaries earlier this year, at the finals at the 22nd Habanos Festival at Havana in February of 2020. More countries are expected to pick their teams until that date.

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