Who knows how many of those sequences, takes, screenplay solutions or genial gags came out following the puff on a cigar imported from Cuba?


The Habanos Gallery is proud this year of an exhibit of artworks from nearly a dozen Cuban artists who have managed to bring their talent and passion for the world’s finest tobacco together


Caught in a web of murders and plots, hemmed in by legends and traditions, the history of the Partagás brand bears out why today it continues to be one of the most coveted cigars and taste benchmarks in the realm of habanos





By Ricardo F. Potts

No one in the world has done more research and knows Habanos better than Zoe Nocedo, director of the Tobacco Museum in Cuba and chairwoman of the organizing committee of the Habana-Habanos International Meeting, an event that’s been around for over five years now.


Once again the members of the Balcón de Bayamanaco (The Bayamanaco Balcony), a smokers’ club made up of sommeliers, bartenders, maîtres, overall travel employees, businesspeople and Habano lovers, met in Havana to suggest new pairings between the world’s finest cigars and different drinks.


Everybody knows that Habanos is Cuba’s best ambassador in the world, not only due to the economic meaningfulness of the product, but because it summarizes the history, traditions, past, present and future of a country.


The entire process to produce that genuine vegetable gem called Habano is now compiled in The World of the Habano, a book and multimedia designed for experts, connoisseurs and aficionados willing to delve into the passionate realm of Cuban tobacco.


The battle among brands other than Cuba’s and The Book of Habanos were the topics of the master lecture keynoted this Friday by Simon Chase, a British connoisseur and expert on the realm of Cuban cigars.


Over fifty artists have sent their works for the second edition of the Habanos in Images Contest that this time around will address the world of photography.


Those attending the 15th Habano Festival huddled at the Habanos Art Gallery, this time around nestled in the Partagas factory.