By José Luis Estrada Betancourt. Photos Ferval / Excelencias Archive

Beautiful. Magic. Sensual. No wonder so many bards have sung to it for years

By Indira Roman Geraica / Photos Ferval & Yailin Alfaro

The history of habanos can unfold the best-kept essences of the city of Havana. Beyond a habano’s mystic scent and taste, the places associated to this tradition lead us to the origins and evolution of the seventh village founded in Cuba


Tobacco architecture is not only the vernacular one that exists in rural areas, represented by thatch-roofed shacks and leaf-curing barns, but rather the way former villages linked to the tobacco trade used to be built in the past


Like every year, delegates attending the 16th Habano Festival enjoyed a tour to the tobacco plantations of Pinar del Rio’s San Juan y Martinez, a place known as the mecca of tobacco


Fate had reserved an exceptional future for San Juan and Martinez, the tobacco-producing district in pinar del río; the land with the best tobacco in the world, peculiar for its soil and climate, which has become the mecca for tobaccoproducer regions.


With the traditional tour around the Pinar del Rio plantations, attendees learned about the longstanding tradition on the growth of tobacco that is passed on from one generation to the next.


Following the lead of its mother, Havana’s La Bodeguita del Medio, the emblematic place that put Mojito on the map, the one Ernest Hemingway used to drink there;a new venue has now been born in Budapest, Hungary.


On the last October 18 the Passion Habanos Club hosted its first golf tournament "MontecristoCup" in Spain, in the golf course of La Herrería, located about 400 meters from the El Escorial Monastery.


For the first time it was tasted in Havana a regional edition of Habanos. It is the vitola Fifteenth Anniversary of Vegas Robaina, selected by Habanos, offer exclusively to the Canadian market in 2012.


Two outstanding factories within Cuba’s tobacco industry have been in charge of making the new Cohiba Pirámides Extra and the first Reserva for Romeo y Julieta’s emblematic Churchills vitola.