Eclectic Us


Cigar is a way of thinking of life, rather than an addiction. It could be the perfect companion for a moment of reflection, for wonderful relaxing times, a friend in important creation processes to artists or anybody else. A Cuban cigar can become your confident; not that it is fetishism, it’s the reality. The smoke takes you away… manufacturing it alone is a piece of work that predisposes you in a positive way and makes you create.”
This is how Augusto Enriquez defines his concept about the world of Habano cigars and how special it is for him to take part in the opening night of the 14th Habano Festival, something he considers an honor and a commitment. In his words, any attempt to hide the passionate artist who vehemently devotes himself to any project he undertakes, actually falls short.
Eclectic-us is an album co-produced with Pucho Lopez, one of the greatest Cuban contemporary musicians.
“It is a beautiful and very interesting project that has received favorable reviews from the top jazz magazines of the world; and so we thought it was the right proposal for us to return Habanos’ invitation. This night will be the stage debut of Eclectic-us, and which will be followed by a series of presentations that have been already contracted at the different Blue Notes clubs of the world.”