El Laguito and La Corona: The Cradles of the Best Habanos


Walking past the threshold of the El Laguito cigar factory is like unraveling the secrets of a genuine legend: Cohiba, the world’s most acclaimed reference within the realm of premium cigars, the place where all of the celebrated brand’s lines and vitolas are rolled.

It’s there where cigar rollers –mostly women- use their hands to pamper and roll the precious tobacco leaves into shape, thus giving birth to those unrepeatable gems called Habanos –especially the Cohiba.

No wonder El Laguito and the similarly-history La Corona factory were handpicked to let those attending the 14th Habano Festival take a closer look at cigar rollers and know beforehand the hidden secrets and artistry that make Cuban premium cigars so special in every way.

Both El Laguito –the birthplace of the new Cohiba Pirámides Extra, the first figurado within the brand’s Linea Clasica that got its big break during the festival’s opening night- and La Corona, where the Romeo y Julieta’s first Reserva within its flagship Churchills vitola, are good cases in point when it comes to showcasing a tradition that continues to awe the world with its peerless Habanos.