El Laguito Cigar Factory: Cohiba’s Magic Universe


Silence, concentration, a nature-scented fresh aroma wafting around the halls and foyers of this factory, hemmed in by manicured tropical gardens in the neighborhood of Siboney. It’s there where the Cohiba brand, with its array of lines and vitolas, is made.
Paying a visit there allows us to wallow just a few minutes in a full-fledged tradition, to get in direct contact with the secrets of a genuine legend called Cohiba, the most valuable benchmark in the realm of world-class premium cigars.
This is a one-and-only opportunity for a number of reasons: this place is home to the great cigar-rolling masters, heirs and bearers of a centuries-old tradition. This is the factory that churns out the flagship brand of Cuba’s tobacco industry, a brand that appears to bask in the limelight of perfection, a myth that comes alive all over again, this time around with the Cohiba Pirámide Extra, the first figurado in the Cohiba family’s Linea Clasica.
That’s why this could be best place for the 14th Festival delegates to take a closer look at how a Habano is rolled into a legit work of art, a gem that before seeing the light of day sailed a years-long journey from the plantation to the halls, the heart of the factory where cigar rollers shape the delicate leaves into those amazing gems.
What’s more, El Laguito captivates visitors for being an expression of ancestral and faraway character of an industry that has lived out the passage of time thanks to its commitment to exquisiteness, and for that odd seducing spell it casts on those who walk past its threshold. Only a handful of visitors manage to paint a clear picture at first sight of the heart-throbbing hard work inside its halls, of a centuries-old tradition