An Exclusive Habano Home


Inspired in the peculiar realm of Cuban premium cigars, three artisans have joined their creative hands to come up with exclusive pieces that shine with originality and dazzling fantasy.

Even though each of them has a “specialty” of his own, the Diaz-Gomez-Tabares Artisan Group is one of those cases in which passion for creating one-and-only pieces gathers people around something as fascinating as the world of habanos.

That’s what happens with Jorge Tabares Hevia, Alfredo Gomez Cervantes y …. , who have put their craftsmanship expertise together to create fancy humidors that are both perfect homes for preserving habanos and unmatchable artworks.

Metals, precious wood and decorative gems are the basic materials these artists work with. Their pieces have traveled beyond the Cuban borders and are now looked up at for being something more than just utility items, but rather a token of the immense creativeness and passion habanos can arouse.

Whimsical figures, animals or landscapes out of the imagination and the hands of the Diaz-Gomez-Tabares Artisan Group speak volumes of the versatility of their proposals that also include silversmith works, furniture and handmade clothes.


Diaz-Gomez-Tabares Artisan Group

“A habano is something unique. Its storage calls for a home of its own”. Exclusive Humidors

Sculptor: Jorge Tabares Hevia

Workshop-studio: Mariano No. 403 B e/ Piñera y Lombillo, Havana, Cuba.

Tel: 870 4142

Sculptor: Alfredo Gomez Cervantes

Workshop-studio: Pizarro s/n, e/ San Cristobal y Calzada del Cerro, Havana, Cuba.

Cell: 05 278 9613