First Habano Specialists in Denmark


On March 13 and 14, Habanos Nordic executives granted the status of Habanos Specialist to three stores in Denmark, one of the Scandinavian countries, located to the south of the region.

The Vinspecialisten store, specializing in exclusive wines in Svendborg, had the honor to become the first Habanos Specializing Store of Denmark. More than 18 Cuban habano brands are currently showcased in its spacious walk-in humidors, and the number is expected to increase, according to general manager Tomas Pedersen.

H. J. Hansen Vin, in the region of Odense, and Pibehuset Vinspecialisten, in Arhus, were the other two stores included in the list. Their respective general managers have committed to maintaining and developing the concept.

Granting the status of Habanos Specialist to the three Denmark stores is part of a strategy that started in Sweden in 2011, and is expected to reach the rest of the Scandinavian countries by the end of this year.