Golf Tournament in Canada Dedicated to Habanos


On the hottest day of Canada’s summer, over 150 habano aficionados huddled at the Bondhead Golf Club, in northern Toronto, to take part in one of the most anticipated events of the regular calendar: the 2012 Havana House “Smokes & Strokes, Cuban Style” Golf Tournament.

As usual, people interested in participating in this event signed up with months in advance and from the very beginning the enthusiasm of the participating teams was racing sky high.

From the word go, the most demanding habano lovers scouted impatiently their gift bags to see if their day was going to be off to a great start. And nobody was disappointed with their cigar collections, travel humidors, torches and tip cutters.

The teams spent nearly five hours under the sweltering sun of southern Ontario, yet nobody ended up exhausted or bored. In addition to the passionate game of golf, players received one habano after another by the hands of beautiful models at every tee-off.

The habanos came along with 30-year scotch, quite a luxury combination for those who made it to the seventh hole. Those players also got a quick massage and were handed over the Oyster Bar before getting the second round started.

During the night, guests enjoyed a wonderful “Cigar Dinner” and following the dessert and the cup of coffee, they walked out to the patio to puff on their precious habanos –recently shipped from Havana- and jaw it up with stories, before heading back to the Big Smoke, wondering how Havana House plans to go itself one better next year.