Good Burning: The Unbeatable Property of any Habano


The combustibility or burning of the tobacco leaf is no doubt one of the indispensable conditions to get that awesome habano capable of sparking off the delightful enjoyment of its unmistaken taste and scent, the pleasure of its elegant shape, as it burns harmoniously without a break. 

According to agronomist and chemical engineer José Mario Guardiola, a seasoned tobacco researcher and author of in-depth studies on its properties, the tobacco leaf is a product subjected to all the factors that exert influence on the plantation’s vegetative development.

The quality of the leaf –he says- depends on a number of physical-chemical-organoleptic conditions that could eventually please a customer.

Burning is one of the most important properties as far as the leaf and the end product are concerned.

The work conducted by Guardiola and his colleagues at the Tobacco Research Institute has paved the way for establishing an adequate method that gauges the burning of the tobacco leaf, something that the same time entails an indispensable requirement in the purchase of tobacco during the preindustrial and industrial stages. 

What are the elements to be taken into account? What do they bank on? And, how is it possible to achieve optimum leaf quality for the making of that habano that walks around the markets as a one-and-only product on the face of the planet?

According to a study led by engineer Guardiola, the quality of tobacco burning depends basically on the chemical composition of the soil, the water, the fertilizers, the climate and the workforce that pours it experience into the growing of the plant.

In his explanation, Eng. Guardiola said that chloride and potassium levels on the leaves are the major factors that play a role in good burning. That’s why to come up with the right proportion and count on the best gauging methods to guarantee a product fit for the consumers.

Mr. Guardiola also said that proper levels of magnesium can actually make contributions to a good burning that produces light-grey ash, while calcium concentrations have an impact in its firmness.

The systematic endeavor of Cuban tobacco researchers and the experience of over five centuries inherited by the men and women engaged in the thorough process of manufacturing and marketing this unique and matchless product guarantees the contributions of natural product, totally rolled by hand, that pursues the supreme goal of giving full satisfaction to its scores of aficionados.