Habano 2011 Awards: Recognizing a Lifetime Linked to Habanos


Since 1995, when Habanos S.A. started acknowledging those who have contributed to improving the product, fostering its distribution and spreading the knowledge about it, many have been the personalities who have been awarded the Habano Award.

This year, the winners of this important recognition were: in the Production category, habano grower Armando Rodriguez Chill; in Business, Habanos S.A. distributor in the United Kingdom Jemma Freeman.

In the Communications category, the prize, handed down by musicians Jim Belushi, Phil Manzanera and Augusto Enriquez, went to Jose Castelar Cueto, several-time Guinness record holder on the world’s longest habano (81.80 meters long).

The Cuban habano maker, who has five Guinness Records under his belt, learned the art of rolling habanos when he was still a young boy, and he has continued to make them to the present when he works at La Triada habano store, located in the ancient fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña, by the bay of Havana.

Cueto has told the story of how he won his Guinness records many times. The first of his habanos to receive the London house’s certificate measured 11.04 meters long (2001); the second one, 14.86 meters (2003); the third one, 20.41m (2005); the fourth one, 45.38m (2008), and the latest was 81.80m long.

With more than 50 years in the business, Cueto believes the Guinness record for the world’s longest Habano habano should always belong to Cuba, the cradle of the best premium habanos of the planet.