Habano FestivalGains Momentum on Social Networks


Habano enthusiasts from every corner of Earth now have sections on social networks dedicated to the Habano Festival, to take place in Cuba on Tuesday February 26, 2013.

This year, as special novel element within the framework of the Festival’s 15th anniversary, people will have the opportunity to follow its events in real time through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ Festival-Habano) and Twitter (twitter.com/FestivalHabano).

On both social networks, whose spaces are already active and have been welcomed by cybernauts that might like the Habanos world or not, you can find up-to-date pieces of information, pictures, videos and other details on the event, even after it comes to an end.

Likewise, you can freely share these data with your friends or fans on Facebook and Twitter, as well as visualize or download images and events related to the festival, and interact with Habanos lovers.