The Habano Flagship


Through different ways and in a multitude of forms people praise Cohiba in Cuba, its birthplace. But the talk is also going on outside the island nation, in the farthest spots on the face of the earth where the brand has caught on tremendously among smokers from all walks of life.
Google or any other major Internet search engine harbor dozens of millions of references on this name that, like Morro, has also become a token to identify the island nation.
I’m glad to share with you what a journalist colleague of mine wrote a few months ago from Chile’s Valparaiso: “the most curious thing about my clinging to Cuba pops up every time I receive a Habano, especially a Cohiba, because with its company I always end up relaxed and ready to overcome the sluggish passage of time in this place. It’s just as if I were riding on a cloud blown away by a gusty wind that runs through the solar silence in a quick flight. It’s as if it could put me back on this land I miss like crazy, to its history which it’s also mine, just to plump into the brownish colors of Santiago or any other city there, feeling nourished by a sap of vitality that spills all over me and takes me into profound and serene pleasure.
“This is kind of company I long for and appreciate the most when I’m tense, rather than going straight into a sauna or get a good massage. It’s better than the pleasure of flesh and the imaginary delicacies of paradise. It’s a company I can only compare in my memory with the relaxation my children used to give me when they were kids.”
Cohiba is the most recognized brand of Habanos (D.O.P.), its pinnacle, its most heightened expression, a tradition benchmarked into a golden rule, the cream of the top whose vitolas and different lines have marked all tastes and trends in the world of premium cigars. It’s a product rolled completely by hand and boasting the finest and best-treated raw materials from the prestigious plantations of San Luis and San Juan y Martinez, in Pinar del Rio’s Vuelta Abajo, the land of the world’s very best black tobacco.
Its name harks back to the origins of tobacco’s amazing history when 520 years ago, following the landing of Christopher Columbus in Cuba, Europeans learned about its existence and a genuine passion unleashed around it. They had found the original islanders enthusiastically plunged into the ritual pleasure of billowing rings of smoke from some sort of musket made of twisted leaves, in a very rudimentary fashion the aboriginals used to call Cohiba, a smoke that could put them in a very special mood.