Habano: Well-Founded Steps


The Habano takes some 539 different steps for the seed to become a cigar, be sold and dazzle thousands of people around the world, said Eumelio Espino Marrero, a scientific consultant with the Tobacco Research Institute (IIT is the Spanish acronym) during a master lecture on that topic held during the 15th Habano Festival.

Before delegates from nearly 70 nations, the expert spelled out the reasons that led him to bringing up such a major topic of the Habano-making industry before those attending the Festival as he defined what each and every step means, that is, the set of activities within the production chain.

Mr. Marrero, responsible for many of the tobacco species being grown today in the country, took time to details those steps, starting with the farming stage, the seedlings, the preparation of soils, the harvest, the wrappers and the pre-industry all the way to the factories. Those steps, he said, take strict compliance for the sake of the end product, a “marvelous” product called Habano.

The researcher, recipient of the Habano of the Year Award in the Production category, said his lecture is nothing but a small selection within a much larger and deeper research study to be included in his upcoming book, due out in the summer of 2013.