Habano World


The tall and wide façade of the H. Upmann cigar factory resembles the entrance of a huge neoclassical museum or breathtaking cathedral, crowned with its well-known herald shield and a Cuban flag fluttering right next to the doorsteps.

Standing on famous 23rd Street in Havana’s bustling Vedado neighborhood right between the 14th and 16th streets, this legendary cigar factory has clung to the reader, a tradition that came into being back in 1865 out of an initiative thought up by the cigar rollers themselves.


Since Feb. 2009, the “Casa del Habano” franchise –an international franchising chain known worldwide- welcomed aboard a different space full of superb elegance and located in Lisbon, in the south zone of the Park of the Nations next to the Marina, which is called Habanero.

Its exclusive products –including selected cigars- are genuine gems that in the Portuguese capital can only be found at the Habanero.


In Sweden second largets city, Gothenburg, the first edition of the ”Gotheborgs Cigarfestival 2010” took place in August. For three days at Casa del Habano in the heart of the city at the mainstreet Avenyn, people could enjoy a cigar at a classy cigarlounge outside in perfect weather conditions.


Some 150 boldface names from the business field and the press, coupled with and habano lovers, attended the launch of the Cohiba Behike in London –the first city outside Cuba- organized by Hunters & Frankau, Habanos S.A’s exclusive distributor in the United Kingdom.


During the Gala Dinner of the 12th Habano Festival, organizers doled out the Habano Awards, a tradition instituted a few years ago in a bid to recognize the work of those people in the fields of Business, Communication and Production who have contributed to safeguarding and spreading those peerless treasures called habanos.


Diego Barrero Canela, director general of the Humidif Group, was born and brought up in a Barcelona family devoted to the habano realm. By 1965, he had already made his big break in the Spanish market with a clever cedar compact case for carrying three cigars, equipped with a unique, world-patented humidifying system.


For a number of years now, experts from the world of cigars, wine and cuisine have been huddling in Havana on a monthly basis to hold a workshop on the finest combinations of these products with habanos.


A perfect blend gets two thumbs up by experts at the 12th Habano Festival.


German company Adorini has been around for 11 years in the competitive market of habano smoking accessories, a niche in which the firm has eked out great prestige thanks to a sophisticated and exclusive humidor-applied technology that, for the security of its users, provides lifetime warranty.


 Caress, passion, delicacy and lots of other female attributes mean today so much to the habano, a product touched by a remarkable sensuality and enchantment capable of convincing anyone that this is indeed an item thought out for women.