Habano World


In recent days a delicious night of Habanos was held at the exclusive Intercontinental Hotel in Managua, Nicaragua, sponsored by Cruz Canela & Trust G B S.A., Habanos S.A.’s exclusive distributor in that country.


Portugal held the fourth edition of the Habanos Day, the most anticipated event among aficionados of the world’s best cigars. The Montecristo Double Edmundo, exclusively oriented for the Portuguese market, was rolled out in this event as attendees tasted exclusive vitolas from the Partagas and Punch brands.



Switzerland observed the first Habano Day on Oct. 26, 2013, successfully organized by Intertabak AG, exclusive Habano distributor in that country.



Following the staggering success of first Casa del Habano opening in Knokke, Dominique Gyselinck hanged out its second Casa del Habano shingle in Gent, Belgium, a place that’s been increasingly becoming a site of cult for Habano lovers in that region.


Nearly half a hundred new students have graduated from the Habanos Academy in Japan, following the successful end of the new Junior and Senior courses recently held in Tokyo. Both courses, that targeted the sale and distribution of Habanos, embraced many aspects related to the realm of Habanos, from the growing, curing and harvesting stages all the way to the making, conservation and features of the different brands.

The graduation from the Habanos Academy in Japan took place at the Cuban embassy in Tokyo and was presided over by Mrs. Elizabeth Valdes-Miranda, chargé de affaires of the Cuban diplomatic mission in the Asian country.


The Habanos Academy continues its effort to spread the culture of Habanos. The Sheraton Hotel in Bologna, Italy, was the venue of choice for the first senior course by the Habanos Academy, this time around exclusively dedicated to Fuerza de Ventas of Diadema s.p.a., an importer and Habanos S.A.’s exclusive distributor in that European country. 


The weird coincidence of having Habanos Moments 2012 coming to an end in Vinistra, Croatia, when the famous Higgs’ boson was discovered in Geneva’s Particle Accelerator, one of the most important achievements of science in history, was the inspiration that led to organize Habanos Moments 2013, a space that has turned out to be unique for the most demanding hedonists and Habano enthusiasts from around the world.


In times in which distinction is the name of the game in catering, counting on an expert that can provide patrons with a pleasant after-meal  service is no doubt a trump card in hand.


Down to the legendary H. Upmann and Partagas cigar factories came the delegates attending the 15th Habano Festival, willing to delve into the manufacturing process of this flagship product of Cuba’s culture and tradition. 


Cuba’s tobacco culture is likened to traditions that have been passed on from one generation to the next. Among them, the craftsmanship of humidors and other elements attached to any good smoker’s rituals and belongings have left memories worth recalling.