Habano of the Year Awards: The Most Cherished Distinction


Established by Habanos S.A. to pay tribute to those people who have developed outstanding activities or functions in the course of the year, with positive influence on the legitimate image of Habano both in the domestic and world markets, these awards are always doled out during the Habano Festival in three categories: business, communication and production. On the onset, though, it also used to be given in the retail category.

The nominations for the Habano of the Year Awards are the result of proposals handed in by Habanos S.A. exclusive distributors around the world, the chairmen of the “La Casa del Habano” franchise network, as well as by national institutions linked to the world of Cuban tobacco.

The Habano of the Year Award consists of a magnificent 35cm-tall statuette made of silver and marble that depicts the sleek figure of a medieval knight in shining armor and helmet, elements that add a stylish touch of distinction to this exclusive piece built by Cuban silversmith Raul Valladares.

Together with the annual trophy, winners are handed over a box of their favorite habanos and vitolas, as well as a certificate and other gifts that Habano of the Year Award recipients have taken back home since 1995.