Habanos and Coffee: The Perfect Duet


It seem simple, but blending so much effort, privilege and mastery, generation after generation, to pour it into the glass or a cup, and a product such as Habano, the most perfect natural hygrometer that has ever existed, is practically magical and supernatural.

So, when it comes to pairing Habano with a product such as coffee, we must take into account the ring gauge and size of the cigar, as well as the variety of coffee and its preparation process: Espresso, Cappuccino, Turkish Coffee, Latte Macchiato, Irish Coffee, among others.

The coffee maker and water to prepare the coffee must be clean, and the cup must reach the right temperature, a condition that will allow us to enjoy the hot liquid for the longest time

Experts recommend that, if coffee is the only pairing for Habano, the cigar to be handpicked should be suitable for a smoking time below 30 minutes, which means that it should be 130mm long, though these vitolas are hard to be paired due to their TAR concentration (Tar and Resin Total). Other characteristics will also exert some influence of their own, such as the ring gauge, the humidity of the cigar and burning conditions.

A good choice for beginners, according to Habanosommelier world champ Philip Illi, would be an Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto (52 x 102mm) of soft with nice aromas; Short Churchills de Romeo y Julieta (50 x 124mm), mild strength; or an indisputable star such as Secreto de Cohiba Maduro 5 (40 x 110mm), a habano with great intensity and strength, determined by its 5 year-old wrapper.

Undoubtedly, these one-of-a-kind marriages or pairings are thought out to meet the needs of body and soul, to raise the spirit, the mind and the heart. Tasting a good Habano with its remarkable couple –coffee- is like breathing in the fine taste of culture.