Habanos Awe with a Different Taste


A group of Croatian chefs unveiled a selection of dishes whose secret ingredient was tobacco from Pinar del Rio’s Vuelta Abajo. The creators of this recipe, from the Camelot D.O.O. Co, Habano distributor in Croatia and Slovenia, told attendees that for a long time this genuine Cuban product has been a key player in pairing sessions with the finest foods and drinks money can buy, so this time around they came up with an idea that encouraged them quite a lot. 

For them, it was a vision come true, a creative mixture with some of the best dishes in haute cuisine. For this show, the chefs prepared fish wrapped and cooked in tobacco and banana leaves. 

At the same time, they added bread and butter to the complicity of this product and surprised Cuban cigar lovers with a Habano-based salt. The fact of the matter is that for this team of cooks, Habano is tasty all by itself, so it was a no brainer to make it the star of this set of recipes. 

These combinations, trapped in spices and scents, bring along unprecedented tastes for many of the participants, even though the initiative is not the first of its kind. 

Regardless of the fact that tobacco is plant with a powerful chemical structure, a long fermentation process lowers the levels of ammonium and brings up the same tastes a smoker can feel as he or she puffs on a god Habano. 

At the end of the session, the dessert –consisting of tobacco ice cream and presented by Italian chef Bruno Lucian, from the Alina Internacional e II Maestro del Dolce Co.- topped things off.