Habanos Experts Assess Pairings with Ultra-Premium Cuban Rums


Balcon del HabanoBalcon del Habano

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A one-and-only opportunity came to club members and guests –from Italy and Germany- attended the May 2013 session of the Balcón de Bayamanaco (Bayamanaco Balcony) where a Julieta No.2 from the Bolívar brand (ring gauge 47 x 178 mm long) and ultra-premium Cuban rums 15 Years Legendario and 15 Years Havana Club were paired.
El Balcón de Bayamanaco is a Habano fan club that once a month gathers businesspeople, bartenders, sommeliers, artists, cigar makers, tourism professionals, producers and executives from liquor importing and exporting companies, and lovers of the world’s best Habanos.
During the May session, master rum-maker Francisco Javier Sabat, creator of the 15 Year Legendario Rum, gave detailed information on this spirit, whose distilling process is broken down in three different aging stages complemented with moments of hard work and unmatched perfection.
The 15 Year Legendario Rum, with a limited output of barely 2,000 bottles a year, rubbed elbows this time around with the 15 Years Havana Club, two good cases in point of ultra-premium rums made in Cuba.
At the Balcony, Italy’s Antonello Lombardi, a member of the AmiCigar Club, showed enthusiasm and fascination for the quality of Habanos and their perfect combinations with ultra-premium drinks, such as 15 Years Havana Club and 15 Years Legendario.
Already invited to the June session of the Balcón de Bayamanaco (a.k.a. the Habano Balcony), Mr. Lombardi expressed satisfaction with the fact that he could see the vast knowledge of Cuban professionals in such an important segment for the island nation’s travel and tourism industry.
A special moment during the night was provided by sommelier, researcher and writer Luis Martell Alvarez, who talked about his books “Germans in Cuba” and “The Upmann Family”, due out in coming weeks. The two volumes tell the story of renowned German-born cigar producers who settled down in Cuba, and whose factories are still running on all six, churning out such great Habanos as H. Upmann and Bolivar –the two of them were enjoyed during the session.
All guests gathered there acclaimed the excellent pairing of the 15 Years Havana Club and 15 Years Legendario Rum with the Julieta No. 2 from the Bolívar brand. Nonetheless, the tasting jury handpicked the match between that Habano and the 15 Years Legendario Rum as the best combination.

Balcon del HabanoBalcon del HabanoBalcon del Habano