Habanos Gallery: Two Arts Meeting Halfway


As fine arts and photography are artistic expressions recognized around the world, so is the job of those people who put their imagination and creativity in the rolling of Habanos, a work now viewed from an artistic standpoint given the dedication, perfection and craftsmanship involved in the making of these legit vegetable gems.

No wonder in the framework of this 15th Habano Festival will open the Habano Gallery on the premises of the Partagas cigar factory, in the heart of Havana, this time up showcasing the works of two outstanding Cuban artists: cartoonist and humorist Rene de la Nuez and photographer Roberto Salas. 

René de la Nuez, winner of the 2007 National Fine Arts Award, is one of the most remarkable Cuban cartoonists and humorists with countless distinctions, prizes and exhibits under his belt. Now with Habano Humor, he presents a series that relies on the color of the pieces by piecing together the cigar markings to come up with attractive animal and human figures that refer directly to Habanos.

Roberto Salas is an outstanding Cuban photographer who’s giving the Habano Gallery his own vision of tobacco as an erotic element. He overlaps nude photographs with images of tobacco leaves in an effort to convey some kind of symbiosis between Habanos and the human body.