Habanos Moments: An Ideal Space for Hedonists, Habano Buffs











 The weird coincidence of having Habanos Moments 2012 coming to an end in Vinistra, Croatia, when the famous Higgs’ boson was discovered in Geneva’s Particle Accelerator, one of the most important achievements of science in history, was the inspiration that led to organize Habanos Moments 2013, a space that has turned out to be unique for the most demanding hedonists and Habano enthusiasts from around the world.

 It’s all about three days totally aimed not only at tasting true gems of Habano vitolas, but also about trying out pairings with the exquisite wines from Vinistra, with drinks from all over the world, and with a gastronomy that might complete that fifth element physicists try to obtain by blowing atoms up.

 The ecstasy sensation caused by Habanos in all senses reaches its pinnacle during theme dinners, pairings and tasting sessions conducted throughout three days in Vinistra, a rich region in terms of gastronomic and winemaking traditions.

 This year, the hundreds of people attending Vinistra 2013 not only got immersed in the sensations brought about by Habanos, but they went to the old gastronomic observatory of Vïsnjan and once they were there, just like ancient Taino behikes did with Habanos, they unraveled some of the mysteries of the Universe that physicists haven’t been able to unearth yet.