Habanos s.a. presents 2 Habanos of great character


Partagás enriches its Series with the incorporation of a new Serie, called Serie E, that inaugurates the 54 ring gauge in the brand. The Serie E No.2 vitola will be a new example of the character of Partagás for all those smokers who appreciate intense flavors.

The Serie D is expanded with the presentation of the new Serie D No. 5, and it will complement the range that the brand already has with the much appreciated Serie D No. 4.

Partagás, the famous brand of Habanos, has its origins in the year 1845, already over 165 years ago. Its characteristic formats, very much appreciated historically by the smokers who enjoy intense flavors, include the 8-9-8 or Lusitanias, among other vitolas. Nevertheless, in recent years, the Serie D No. 4, one of the formats of the brand, has perhaps been its most valued vitola by many experienced smokers.

A Partagás Habano is immediately recognized by its rich and intense flavor. The nature of their blend, made up by tobacco leaves selected from the Vuelta Abajo region, is of an inimitable richness and aroma.

After the presentation made some years ago of its first Serie consecrated to the figurado formats, with the inclusion of the Serie P No. 2, the prestige of the so-called “Series” of Partagás has never stopped to increase.

Now, Partagás surprises us with two new launchings that will be available for tasting exclusively during the XIII Habanos Festival: Serie E No. 2 and Serie D No. 5.

The new Partagás Series E No. 2 (54 ring gauge x 140 mm length, Duke Factory Name) inaugurates the new Serie E, exclusively created for Habanos with a ring gauge of 54 (the greatest ring gauge up to now presented in parejos for this brand).

Serie E No. 2 is a new example of the brand that intends to be a reference for those experienced smokers that look for Habanos with the greatest flavour and intensity of taste.

As with all the Series of Partagás, it incorporates its characteristic golden and red band, which has become a reference in Partagás and also among all Habanos brands. Furthermore, this new Serie E incorporates two presentations, a 25-unit box, and the innovative SBN (Semi Boite Nature) box characteristic of the brand, but in 5 units.

As an innovation to its image, a flap to separate the cigars in the box and an exterior lithographed piece of paper has been added to make the wooden boxes of the brand more easily identifiable.


The other exclusive launching in the brand is the Partagás Serie D No. 5 (50 ring gauge x 110 mm in length, D No. 5 Factory Name), whose vitola formed part of the 2008 Limited Edition and was very much appreciated by those smokers who wanted to enjoy all the flavor of a Partagás Serie D (created for Habanos with a ring gauge of 50) but with a shorter duration than the Serie D No. 4.

The character of Partagás compressed in a short format will allow us reveal its aroma and to enjoy its intense flavor in a format that is shorter in length and with a smoking time of around 20 minutes, truly adapted to the new circumstances that affect the smokers around the world.

Brand: Partagás

Commercial name: Serie E No. 2

Factory Name: Duke

Measure: 54 ring gauge (21.43 mm) x 140 mm in length

Presentations: Semi Boite Nature (SBN) - 25 units / Semi Boite Nature (SBN) - 5 units


Brand: Partagás

Commercial name: Serie D No. 5

Factory Name: D No. 5

Measure: 50 ring gauge (19.84 mm) x 110 mm in length

Presentations: Semi Boite Nature (SBN) - 25 units / Semi Boite Nature (SBN) - 10 units