Habanos S.A. Unveils New Options for the Summer


Partagas –a brand founded in 1845– is getting a new lease on life with a couple of new vitolas from its celebrated Series line.

The Serie E No.2 (ring gauge 54 x 140 mm long) is spliced into the most authentic values of its history, featuring a new definitive Serie marked, among other characteristics, by a thicker ring gauge never seen before in this particular Habano brand, coupled with great character and strength.

Like the other Partagas Series, the Serie E No.2 adds a red-and-gilt band that has panned out to be a brand benchmark. The new product is presented in both 25-unit boxes and the 5-unit SBNs (Semi Boite Nature).

As an innovation, the image has been spruced up with halfway covers and outer wrappings that will make them easier to be pinpointed in the market’s outlets.

For its part, the Partagas Serie D No.5 (ring gauge 50 x 110 mm long) rounds out the sought-after collection and the brand’s prestigious Serie D.

Featuring a smaller length and shorter smoking time –approximately 20 minutes- this cigar has been designed for the ongoing times, yet it clings firmly to the Partagas character. This vitola was part of the 2008 Limited Editions.

Also new in the summer of 2011 in all markets around the globe, the new Half Corona vitola (ring gauge 44 x 90 mm long) by H. Upmann clinches –regardless of its small format- the balanced and aromatic mid-mild taste Habanos from this brand have always been famous for.

The H. Upmann Half Corona is a short-format cigar very much in sync with the conditions faced by today’s Habano aficionados and lovers: shorter periods of time and fewer places to puff on their cigars.

All these novelties from the Habanos S.A.’s portfolio show the nonstop spirit of innovation that characterizes the world’s leading company of Premium cigars, the one that sells and markets Habanos both in Cuba and all around the globe.









H. Upmann Half Corona

Brand: H. Upmann

Market Vitola: Half Corona

Factory Vitola: Half Corona

Sizes: Ring gauge 44 x 90 mm long









Partagas Serie E No.2

Brand: Partagas

Market Vitola: Serie E No. 2

Factory Vitola: Duke

Sizes: Ring gauge 54 x 140 mm long

Presentation: 25-unit Semi Boite Nature (SBN) / 5-unit Semi Boite Nature (SBN)








Partagas Serie D No.5

Brand: Partagas

Market Vitola: Serie D No. 5

Factory Vitola: D No. 5

Sizes: Ring gauge 50 x 110 mm long

Presentation: 25-unit Semi Boite Nature / 10-unit Semi Boite Nature