Habanos Women Friends Turn Two Years


A couple of years since its foundation, this cultural project attached to the Museum of Habano and the Office of the Havana City Historian, is going increasingly stronger as a platform to spread out the longstanding history and decisive presence of Habano in destination Cuba.

That was Zoe Nacedo in her own words. The President of the Habano Women Friends Cultural Project hailed guests and delegates attending their latest gathering in the group’s traditional venue: the H10 Panorama Hotel in the island nation’s capital, this time around to celebrate their second anniversary.

Boldface names from Cuba’s art and culture, Habano Award winners and nominees, as well as distributors, experts and partners of Habanos S.A. from around the world –they are currently attending the weeklong Habano Festival- were present in this function that “once again panned out to be a meeting among female and male friends who are drawn to Habano, to its history and to all the things it stands for in Cuba,” she said.

Featuring the music performed by the Teclas band and an eye-popping runway show staged by Taller de Papel Artesanal de La Habana Vieja, attendees puffed on San Cristobal Habanos (Fuerza vitola) as a heartfelt homage to the second anniversary of this brand, already a must-have reference in the company’s portfolio.