Hard-Fought Battle at the Habanosommelier Contest


Contesters from Cuba, Spain, UK, UAE, Chile, Bulgaria, Belgium and Germany played out a tough competition during the preliminary round of the Habanosommelier Contest within the framework of the ongoing 12th Habano Festival, a situation that prompted lengthy assessments by the international jury that kept tabs on the developments.

At the time of going to press and following both the theoretical and practical expositions, the jurors were still deliberating on three finalists that will grab the trophy next Friday, beginning at 10:00 am, in Hall 3 of the Intl. Conference Center.

This is no doubt one of the contests linked to the world of habanos and beverages that each year builds on the training and willingness of sommeliers from the nations that have embraced this competition for the sake of the quality of gastronomic service delivered to both national and international tourists.

This time around, Cuba was represented by Nivaldo Garcia, a sommelier from Varadero, who once again bore out the advance of this modality on the island nation.