Hellmann Worldwide Logistics: An Unconditional Habano Ally


Through the years Hellmann has been a fundamental ally worldwide in terms of the logistics for the exportation of habanos, featuring professionalism and quality in a service that ranks among the finest on the face of the earth.

A good case in point is the bevy of opinions and reviews made by its customers, like Jose Miguel Salvador, Habanos deputy distributor for Chile (Cigar Chile) and operator of the Santiago de Chile Casa del Habano.

“Logistics is extremely important given the characteristics and care a product like the Habano requires, especially because it must be on time and in good conditions in its final destination. This is the first condition when it comes to hiring a transport company. Couple that with values added, such as secured documentation, accurate packing lists and exclusive labeling based on each distribution market, and that much makes Hellmann the perfect choice in the field of transportation.

“What’s more, you need the kind of teamwork empathy we have in the company, a token of the level of professionalism that eventually generates unconditional loyalty to the company.

“Today, all Chile-bound shipments of both Habanos and accessories are supposed to be executed solely through Hellmann because this is the only company we have managed to build on a service of excellence in every way.”

For his part Habanos S.A. Marketing Director Eduardo Gonzalez says his corporation has been working with Hellmann for over a decade and recalls that “the first customer we had for Habano products was 5ta Avenida, a Habano distributor in Germany.”

“This is a very serious and responsible company, something that adds other exclusives to its traditional cargo services, like excellent preservation, storage and labeling, based on each and every distribution market.”