Hoyo de Monterrey’s Le Hoyo de Río Seco


On the heels of the world premiere of the Hoyo de Río Seco vitola from Hoyo de Monterrey, held in Lebanon –highly acclaimed by the participating smokers- the newcomer will start hitting all markets around the globe in its classic 25-unit box.


Later on, it will be reaching out to sale outlets everywhere under the sun in its 10-unit case.


The Hoyo de Monterrey brand owes its origin to the like-name plantation located in San Juan y Martínez* (PAO), in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo* (PAO) region. Hoyo de Monterrey is perched on one of the most fertile lands across from the riverbank that runs through San Juan and Martínez. This Habano brand was founded back in 1865.


Le Hoyo de Río Seco (ring gauge 56 x 140 mm long) is a new thick-ring-gauge vitola that joins the Le Hoyo series following the addition of the Hoyo de San Juan vitola, which continues to enhance this historic line and the range in the thick-gauge sizes, poorly present in the brand until now.


The leaves for seco, volado and ligero that make up the smooth flavor of Hoyo de Monterrey come exclusively from the San Juan y Martinez* Tobacco District (PAO), thus giving continuity to the mighty stronghold the Hoyo de San Juan vitola panned out to be when it was launched. With this new vitola, the making of Habano blends with features hailing exclusively from each and every Cuban Appellation of Origin is further deepened. This strength that actually chips in consistency and intensity, it is typical of the soils from this area.


The Le Hoyo Series has historically been known for its thin and medium gauge sizes. The new Le Hoyo de Rio Seco vitola is the second of thick ring gauge that joins the bandwagon of the Le Hoyo series, quite an attractive option for those who like a Habano of lesser strength that’s also delicate and aromatic, sporting great elegance and complexity.


All Habanos from the Hoyo de Monterrey brand are made totally by hand, with long filler, by seasoned Cuban cigar rollers. The size of this factory vitola, Aromosos (ring gauge 56 x 140 mm long) bodes Le Hoyo de Rio Seco a red-carpet welcome among all Hoyo de Monterrey fans. The brand’s latest addition is destined to become a benchmark for thick-gauge cigars, featuring intermediate length for those who are on a quest for fancy flavor on the one hand, and a consistent and balanced blend on the other hand.