ICT: Sustained Growth and Good Perspectives


Since the manufacturing of machine-rolled cigars kicked off in 2001 with 38 million units, the Empresa Internacional Cubana del Tabaco S.A. (ICTSA) has made steady headway year in and year out, peaking a staggering 130 million machine-rolled cigars in 2011.

Its products –licensed under Habanos S.A. for its brand portfolio- have had tremendous acclaim in the world market, recipient of as much as 80 percent of its total output.

According to ICT Industrial Director Abel Gonzalez, perspectives for the ongoing year bear watching because in addition to the renowned quality and prestige of its products, they have benefited greatly from the economic crisis since smokers can get a more affordable price for a cigar that’s rolled with all-natural, Cuban-made raw materials that sticks to the same range of taste and strength of premium habanos. 

Having in its commercial portfolio products licensed under the most prestigious habano brands, let alone international quality certification, backs up the projected growth in terms of exports and sales for the hard-currency domestic market.

In the same breath, the company is beefing up its array of offers that, coherently in line with the pyramidal structure of habanos, is getting better and richer with each passing day. A good case in point is the Guantanamera brand, one of ICT’s flagship items and a top-notch product in the field of machine-rolled cigars worldwide.

Featuring such formats as minitabaquitos, puritos, compay, décimo andcristales, Guantanamera now boasts representative colors, like brown, and a luring design for consumers who, in addition to getting fancy, genuine and representative products, may also have access to full-fledged Cuban tobacco.