International Habana-Habanos Workshop 2013: A Setting for the Culture of Habanos


The third edition of the International Habana-Habanos Workshop bore out once again the importance and significance of the Habano culture not only for Cuba, but also for the whole world. 

The workshop, held in August 2013, was organized by the Museum of Tobacco, attached to the Office of the City of Havana’s Historian, and was sponsored by Habanos S.A.

During the weeklong meeting attendees had the opportunity of enhancing their knowledge of the Habano through a number of lectures, panels and tasting sessions.

Participants also visited a tobacco experimental station in San Juan y Martinez, Pinar del Rio, providing the perfect setting for a gathering between tobacco planters and Habano men.

Celebrated restaurant El Floridita was one of the settings to share different experiences and pairings of Habanos with a number of spirits and cocktails. 

Jose Castelar Cueto, recently handpicked by Habanos S.A. for the 2012 Habano Award in the Communications category, was one of the boldface guests.

The closing activity, held at the Cuervos y Sobrinos watch and Habano store in the heart of Old Havana, featured a tasting-pairing session of Habanos with different beverages and spirits. 

The first match was the one between a Petit Robustos Hoyo de Monterrey and Presidente cocktail in two different formulas: its original preparation and another version that had been previously aged for three months.

The follow-up was the chance to puff on a magnificent Partagas Series P No. 2 and drink Ballantine and Glenlivet whiskeys, as well as pairing a Cohiba Maduro 5 with the 18-Year Chivas Regal and Havana Club Selección de Maestros. 

When making the call for the upcoming edition of the International Habana-Habanos Workshop in August 2015, Tobacco Museum director Zoe Nocedo Primo said that “beyond tastes and preferences, the Habano continues to be what it was for the ancient Tainos: a token of peace and brotherhood, so necessary in these times.”