Ivan Lins Adores Havana


Brazilian musician Ivan Lins says he loves Cuba and its people, and added that Havana is the world’s most beautiful city.

Lins took part as a guest of honor in the 12th Habano Festival (Feb. 22 to 26), attended by over 1,000 persons from 70 different nations interested in the most acclaimed premium cigars around the globe.

Following an awesome opening concert at the Havana Grand Theater, sharing the spotlight with Cuban pianist Chucho Valdes and Portuguese singer Mariza, the carioca performer admitted how happy he was for being once again on this island nation.

He added that speaking of Cuba means a long conversation to him, especially when it comes to Havana, a city where he has many friends, actually the largest chunk of his Spanish-speaking friends.

“I love this city and I love being in this festival,” he confessed.

He also showed his tremendous satisfaction for the opening concert, for being able to perform his music and for loving habanos. He says he smokes on and off, especially after his concerts and performances.

“Being in this festival is like mixing the pleasure for music and the pleasure for smoking a superb cigar from this country,” he went on to say.

This pianist and singer was born in 1945 in Rio de Janeiro. Since the onset of his career, he was influenced by a number of musical genres, like jazz, bossa nova and soul. He started playing piano at age 18. 

In the 1980s, he began basking in the international limelight, especially in the U.S., where some of his songs were performed by such great musicians as George Benson or Ella Fitzgerald. He won a Latin Grammy in 2009.