Jose Antonio Rodriguez: Preserving the Legacyo


 Growing tobacco is the passion that defines Jose Antonio Rodriguez Marin’s life. El Valle farm, nestled in the San Juan y Martinez municipality, in Pinar del Rio, is not only the most evident proof of his connection to the production of the finest cigars on the face of earth, but also the undeniable verification of a decades-long family legacy.

“I began to cultivate tobacco with my father when I was just a child and I definitely joined the farm in 1982. I’m proud to be a member of the advanced group among the farmers devoted to tobacco growing. The challenge is to maintain quality and try to obtain better results,” he says.

During the visit paid to some of the best tobacco plantations in the territory, he explained that the farm covers 5,75 hectares and each hectare delivers 1.54 tons of tobacco. “When we have the resources –land and manpower- and when weather conditions favor us, everything is set to obtain quality crop. It only takes work, development and the solving of any matter we find on our way”.

Vuelta Abajo is labeled as the best land in the world to grow tobacco and the only one producing all types of leaves. The performance of Jose Antonio Rodriguez and nearly twenty people working with him significantly show the devotion required to have Habanos positioned in an international exclusiveness and privilege height.

“I love growing tobacco —he says— and history is to be championed. This is my life and welcoming visitors from the Festival is a great merit and shows respect for what we do”.