Kaliman Caribe at Sofia’s Cohiba Atmosphere


Kaliman Caribe, Exclusive Distributor of Habanos, S.A., and Sofia’s Cohiba Atmosphere organized a meeting to talk about the 20th edition of the Habano Festival, with the attendance of over 30 journalists and leading media representatives in Bulgaria.

Mrs. Olia Docheva, General Manager of Kaliman Caribe, recounted the story and tradition of the Habano Festival and announced the new activities and products to be launched throughout this year. The attendees learned more details about the Festival by means of stories and colorful images on the exciting Cuba and the Habano Festival.

These meetings have become a tradition for Kaliman Caribe and they are annually held after the Festival that takes place in Cuba. This time round, there was a double informative reason, since the attending media representatives were covered by another atmosphere, Sofia’s Cohiba Atmosphere, with a unique conception that was officially unveiled to them.